1.6. Towage of the car

Start by method of towage or pushing is accompanied by risk of failure of the catalytic converter, and on the models equipped with AT it is not possible at all! In case of need use the auxiliary power supply.

In order to avoid creation of emergencies and damage of the car towage has to be made only by means of the special equipment.

Ideally the faulty car has to be towed with the driving wheels which are torn off from the earth.

For towage of the faulty car the special eyes located in front of and behind the car are provided. Length of a towing sling should not exceed 5 m. The maximum admissible length of a hitch (from a front of the towing car, to a back towed) makes 25 m. The mass of the towed vehicle should not exceed the mass of towing.

Forward towing eyes

Back towing eyes

In advance coordinate a route of the movement with the driver of the towing vehicle, stipulate methods of exchange of operational information. You remember need of observance during towage of the corresponding traffic regulations (TR).

Towage has to be carried out with a speed which is not exceeding 90 km/h. Do not forget that at the switched-off engine GUR and the amplifier of brakes do not work. Try, manipulating a foot brake, not to allow excessive sagging of a towing sling.

Release the parking brake, include neutral transfer, turn the ignition key in the provision of ASS and choose the mode N of the transfer case.

At serviceable transmission, assembly of the back bridge and the steering drive towage of the equipped RKPP of models can be carried out without separation of wheels from the earth. Otherwise it is necessary to use services of the tow truck.

Options of towage of the emergency car by methods of full or partial loading

Do not carry out towage without separation of wheels from the earth a backing at all! At long towage each 650 km should be done short stops with the start of the engine on single turns allowing to provide due greasing of components of transmission or before a start of motion it is necessary to disconnect the back driveshaft, - in this case towage of the car can be carried out on unlimited distance.

Towage of the equipped car AT without separation of wheels from the earth can be made only as a last resort. At the same time the transfer case has to be transferred to the mode 2H, and the AT selector lever - to situation "N". Speed of towage should not exceed 45 km/h, and distance - 50 km. In case of need through each 50 km it is necessary to do technological stops with start of the engine on single turns for the purpose of ensuring greasing of internal components of the transmission line.

The driveshaft detachment from a reducer of the back bridge lifts the listed limits.