1.5. Poddomkrachivaniye / posting of the car, replacement of a wheel

Do not get a jack under car thresholds, the pallet of a case, panels of a floor or directly under components of the steering drive / suspension bracket at all! Do not perform any repair work under the car enshrined in the lifted provision by means of only one jack! Surely use reliable props!

Poddomkrachivaniye by means of a regular jack and change of wheels

The jack which is included in a basic equipment of the car is intended only for performing procedures of change of wheels. When carrying out any other repair or scheduled maintenance the car should be lifted by means of hydraulic (or cart) a jack and it is obligatory to establish on the special props got under regular domkratny points!

Wheel nuts on all KIA Sportage cars have a metric carving.


  1. Park the car on the flat horizontal platform, whenever possible with a hard coating.
  2. Reliably cock the parking brake, on models from AT transfer the AT selector lever to situation "P", in case of need expose a sign of an emergency stop.
  3. Prop up antiretractable boots the wheel located on diagonal from a subject to replacement.

At implementation of the procedure on a bias it is necessary to enclose boots under both wheels of a serviceable axis from descent.

  1. Prepare the necessary tool (a jack, a balloon key) and a spare wheel, - the description of regular places of storage of the corresponding onboard tool and a spare wheel is provided in the Head Governing bodies and methods of operation.
  2. Get a jack under a reference point, the next to the replaced wheel and, working with a removable collar, raise the car, - the damaged wheel has to come off the earth completely.
Regular points of a poddomkrachivaniye of the car are located on the lower surfaces of longitudinal beams of a frame in close proximity to wheels.
  1. Turn off wheel nuts and remove a wheel.
  2. Check pressure of a rating of a spare wheel, in case of need make corresponding корректировк.
  3. Install the spare wheel and by hand tighten nuts of its fastening.

Wheel nuts are established by the conic party inside. Lower the car on the earth and evenly tighten wheel nuts in a diagonal order with effort of 88 ÷ 108 Nanometers.

Lay the removed wheel and the tool on the regular places.


If need for removal of wheels is absent, the car can be tired out on a viewing hole or a platform.

When posting the car of a prop/paw of the elevator (as well as at a poddomkrachivaniye a regular jack) have to be got under side beams of a frame near an arrangement of wheels, - the poddomkrachivaniye is made by means of a hydraulic cart jack which head is got under a forward stretcher / case of a reducer of the back bridge.

Points of an institution of props/paws of the elevator.
Points of an institution of a hydraulic jack when posting the car by means of props.