13.3.4. A design and details of installation of components of seat belts, removal of the worked emergency natyazhitel

Design and details of installation of components of seat belts

1 — Returnable mechanisms
2 — the Cover of an anchor bolt
3 — the Top anchor knots
4 — Three-anchor seat belts

5 — the Central two-anchor seat belt
6 — the Lower anchor knots
7 — Brackets of locks
8 — Buckles of locks
9 — Covers of the lower anchor bolts


  1. Regularly check smoothness of the course of a pulling of belts and serviceability of functioning of returnable devices, estimate a condition of tapes.
  2. Defective belts are subject to replacement without fail.
  3. If returnable devices are equipped by emergency natyazhitel, remember that the last are among means of single operation then have to be replaced.
  4. For removal of an emergency natyazhitel switch off ignition and disconnect a negative wire from the battery. Wait not less than 1 minute, then disconnect an electrical wiring from the module of a gas generator of the natyazhitel who is subject to replacement. Turn out a fixing bolt and remove a natyazhitel.