7.1.7. Replacement of coils of ignition


  1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  2. Remove a service cover (see an illustration) and disconnect VV an electrical wiring.
  3. Disunite contact sockets of an electrical wiring of bobbin assemblies.
  4. Turn out four fixing bolts and remove ignition coils.
  5. Start replaceable assembly on the regular place over a spark plug of the second/fourth cylinder and densely press down, having provided thereby reliable electric contact.
  6. Screw fixing bolts and tighten from with the required effort (19 ÷ 25 Nanometers).
  7. Connect HB and BB an electrical wiring, - track reliability of fixing of sockets.

VV of a wire are appropriately marked and should not be mixed at connection!

  1. Connect a negative wire to the battery.