7.1.4. Check of coils of ignition

Coils of ignition are located under a service cover from the top party of the power unit under a sleeve of an inlet air path of the engine.

1 — ignition Coils
2 — the Inlet air duct
3 — the Service cover

Check of tension


  1. Make sure that ignition is switched off.
  2. Remove a service cover and disunite the contact socket of the coil of ignition.
  1. Include ignition and measure tension on plugs of white-red wires of the contact socket of the coil, - the required value makes about 12 Century.
  1. If tension is absent, check a condition of the main safety lock, the switch of ignition and a connecting electrical wiring of the corresponding contour.
  2. The faulty coil is subject to replacement.

Check of resistance

Remember that in each coil it is organized on two primary and on two secondary windings which have to be checked in an individual order.


  1. Connect an ohmmeter to positive () the plug of the contact socket of the coil, then, serially connecting the second wire of the measuring instrument to negative plugs of the socket, measure resistance of primary windings of bobbin assembly, - the required value makes 0.45 ÷ of 0.55 Ohms at 20 °C.
  1. Working in a similar manner, measure resistance of secondary windings of the coil, - the required value makes 13 ÷ 15 kOhm at 20 °C.
  1. At failure of any of windings bobbin assembly is subject to replacement (see the Section Replacement of Coils of Ignition).